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Gediminas Šukys 2019-12-12

For the odd unusual video format conversion

I use your free version of Any Video Converter occasionally for the odd unusual video format conversion and to occasionally download videos and it is extremely useful.

Gediminas Šukys 2019-12-02

The best software for my purposes

I'm very happy to use Any Video Converter. This is the best software for my purposes: making small size video, having a queue of multiple converts, popular codecs for WordPress to recognize. Your tool meets all these three criteria, on which 9/10 converters fail somehow.

Anon nymous 2019-08-14

It's very convenient and handy

Hello I really like your guys' video converter software. It's very convenient and handy.

Nahid 2019-07-18

Able to download the YouTube video and audios

Thank you so much for being available for those who are new to technology like me. I got this software to be able to download the YouTube video and audios and resize them to the least possible size without changing the quality, to save them and use them when I am not online and don't have access to the net.

Alan Irvine 2019-05-14

Your program converted these instantly and Free too!

I tried copying some videos from Utube but could not burn them to DVD. Finally I found out that they were in MPG and the burner would not do it. Your program converted these instantly and Free too!! Fantastic! Will be looking at joining the pro version. THANKS. (Alan U.K.)

Adrian Cosnett 2019-05-07

It suits my needs perfectly

I’ve been using your software for a few years now, and it suits my needs PERFECTLY.

Adrian Cosnett 2018-12-14

The top of video converting software

First I'd like to say thanks to all of you for AVC, it's a great product. I really do appreciate all of the hard work and effort that goes into keeping it at the top of video converting software.

Stuart Mason 2018-09-10

It meets all my needs

Have been using Any-Video-Converter some time now and find it meets all my needs so would like to make a small donation as a thank you. Do you have a PayPal account and if so what is your email address linked to PayPal, please?

Thomas D. De Pascal 2018-08-06

Without it I would be at a loss

I love this program so much! Without it I would be at a loss of what to listen to.

Seizan 2018-07-31

The free version beats some paid video converters and editors

I have been using your free AVC for quite some time now. I am happy to tell that even the free version beats some paid video converters and editors I have seen (and regrettably, paid for!).

David G Buxton 2018-05-23

It works great for the Gopro mp4, mp2 and wmv files

I downloaded AVC free on 2 different windows-7 machines. I love the program and it works great for the Gopro mp4, mp2 and wmv files I have tried to convert.

David G Buxton 2018-04-11

Only software that can fix a BROKEN AVI INDEX permanently

Firstly, I must congratulate you on your product, it is the ONLY software that can fix a BROKEN AVI INDEX permanently. Congratulations, I have tried many and yours is the only one that works.

Heinz Kunz 2018-04-08

Easy to use and understand

I like your Programm because it is easy to use and understand. The result by converting videos is in my opinion very good.

Michał Łysiak 2018-03-19

Impressed by your Any Video Converter

I'm really impressed by your Any Video Converter in general and I enjoy using it a lot.

By Robet 2018-02-06

Powerful downloader

I have been happily using your free converter to download videos from YouTube and Facebook for a long time now and never really had a problem with it.

By M.R.R.Khan 2018-01-24

Meets all my requirement

I am using your this wonderful software: Any Video Converter for long. It meets all my requirement as far as Video conversion matters.

By Mark Marziale 2017-12-05

AVC is an excellent program

I think AVC is an excellent program. I especially appreciate the options to retain original bitrate, video size, etc when processing a batch of files.

By Fon Dakis 2017-06-15

I like the programm a lot!

I would like to make an observation. I have been using the Free Version of Any Video Converter ever since 2010 and I like the programm a lot.

By Willy Schanke 2017-01-20

Great software

Thanks for great software. Did a mistake and filmed some action in 100fps witch made uploading my footage to youtube impossible. Your program fixed my mistake without any problem. Thank you!

By Supratman Mansyur 2016-07-25

Best solution for my problem

thank's for apk... best solution my problem to convert my songs.. thank you so much…

By Raven MacLean 2016-05-24

It works which is more than i can say for most

Converted my high def mkv files beautifully into mp4 format. no watermarks, no obvious signs that freeware was used to make the conversion. audio was synced beautifully.

By Alex Lyons 2015-08-20

Thank you very much

The features of new version is good and the speed really fast,The video output format is also very rich in species.I have been using products of Any video converter,I personally think it is a very useful tool of video converter and free of this one

By By Lisa 2014-10-05


Just had to say thanks for making this program available as freeware. Much appreciated. It's designed really well, simple, and just does what it's designed to do.

By nt wong 2013-09-15

Really powerful

Every day that I google for tips on using Any Video Converter, I realise that I have only scratched a very shallow surface of this powerful freeware. I have always liked it for its quality converting. Yesterday, I discovered that it can output to 16:9. Now I discover that it can also clip segments and crop desired areas besides converting. Guess there are even more features that I have yet to learn about. It is really powerful. This freeware is really highly recommended to you.